Richard Lux
22.08.1877– 23.11.1939by Dr. Horst E. Sparke, Wedel, 2008
On August 22nd, 1877 , Richard Lux was born in Vienna. His parents belonged to the classes of petty bourgeois and had great difficulties in earning the living for themselves and their four children. Being hungry was often pretty normal, and these difficult years of childhood left their physical marks for Richard’s whole life.
Already during elementary school the young man ‘s talent for drawing turned out, and – a shock for his parents – very soon the desire matured into taking up an artistic career.
At the age of eighteen he succeeded in being admitted to Prof. Anton BRENEK ‘s sculpture workshop at the “Staatliche Gewerbeschule Wien” and stayed there for two years, but finally decided to become an academic painter. In 1897, after having passed the entrance exam in an outstanding way , he joined the “Malschule of the Akademie der Bildenden Künste zu Wien”. First teachers there were Prof. Christian Griepenkerl and Prof. Franz Rumpler but special sponsorship was given by Prof. Alois DELUG who generally supported all his students and ,annually, arranged an exhibition of the academy’s students – which was also a sales exhibition.
Taking part for the first time, R. Lux was able to sell twentyfour out of twentyeight of his works ! With these financial reserves the young artist was able to grant his wish to discover the area of the Bohemian Woods, and naturally , at the same time, he did a lot of drawings.
During the next year , his hiking trail took him to Passau, Heidelberg, Stuttgart and Rothenburg an der Tauber, and the numerous sketches – later, at home again- were transformed into aquarels and etchings.
In autumn, Prof. Willi Unger – also well known as an exlibris artist among collectors –incorporated the student of arts into his graphic course , having realized his talent.
Thanks to money he has won in two competitions, Lux could afford to visit Upper Italy and Paris and to complete his studies at the academy in Vienna.