Karl Friedrich Schwärzler
06.12.1907 Lustenau – 04.01.1990 Lustenau
Born on 6 December 1907 at Lustenau as son of the decoration painter Friedrich Schwärzler and his wife Karolina Schwärzler, née Galler16 September 1916 - 6 December 1922 attendance of the elementary school at Lustenau1 October 1922-1923 embroidery draughtsman-apprentice at Hermann brothers’, studio for embroidery design at Lustenau1923-1925 embroidery draughtsman apprentice with the company of Max Wehrle & Comp. at Lustenau1 Oktober 1922 - 30 April 1924 attendance of the general commercial school of further education at Lustenau1926-1929 apprenticeship as house painter in the parental business at Lustenau10 July 1929 - 10 August 1929 skilled painter with Johann William Füssl in Vienna, Mollardgasse 522. November 1929 - l March 1930 trainee in a specialized course for house-painters at the master school in Vienna21. April 1930 - 12. March 1932 skilled painter with his father at Lustenau21. September 1932 - 7 October 1932 skilled painter with Ludwig Rohner in Wolfurt1933-1938 student of Leo Frank (1884-1959) and Ferdinand Lorber (1883-1957) at the Graphische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt in Vienna26. November 1938 marriage with Johanna Otto (*1912 at Vienna-Breitensee)1938-1944 student of the master class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, taught by Christian Ludwig Martin (1890-1967), Ferdinand Andri (1871-1956), Karl Sterrer (1885-1972) and Carl Fahringer (1874-1952)11 September 1939 - 15 September of 1942 vocational school teacher at the vocational school in Vienna.1944 Permission of the “Reichskunstkammer” in Vienna to work as free lance artist, address in Vienna: Böckgasse 2.1945 active as free lance artist at Hittisau and Lustenau.1 Dezember 1945 to 1.November of 1946 border crosser with the company “Relief” in Au/Switzerland and St. Gallen/Switzerland23 March 1947 application for admission into the Society of artists in fine arts of Austria1 November 1948 until 12 September of 1954 subject teachers at the School for the building crafts in Bregenz2 June 1953 member of the Vienna Künstlerhaus (house of artists)1 January 1955 free lance academic painter in Lustenau;27 May 1983 award of the honour ring of the municipality Lustenau4 January 1990 death Karl Friedrich Schwärzler at Lustenau