Only as late as 1953 did the Austrian society turn their attention to the graphic work of Josef Hoffmann again. In the publication for the 50th anniversary of the society, an illustration of Hoffmann’s plate for himself “JH”, concludes Hoschek-Mühlhaimb’s contribution On the History of Austrian Small Graphics since 19005. In the thirteen-page essay, which – as the author himself states critically – is little more than a slight sketch6, Hoschek mentions that especially in Austria the turning away from Historicism led in a creative way to a tempestuous search of new forms which organisationally found its expression in the foundation of the artists’ Association of the Viennese Secession in 1898 (sic!)7. He emphasizes, however, for shortness of space, an appreciation of the exlibris creations of this Association could not be accomplished and he had to restrict himself to just mentioning a few artists.
In this enumeration Hoffmann together with Koloman Moser and Alfred Roller are “done with” as brilliant Tri-Star that spread Vienna’s artistic fame all over the world8, and it is furthermore stated: Considering the well-known importance of these artists it suffices to emphasize that their bookplates and small graphics in the first place perhaps created the type of modern applied graphics, especially through the ornamental treatment9. After listing some graduates of the Kunstgewerbeschule (Academy of Handicraft), respectively artists who worked for the Wiener Werkstätte (Vienna Workshop) Mühlhaimb concludes his brief two-page appreciation of the Viennese Modern Style: To sum up, one can say that Secession and Wiener Werkstätte together with Secessionist architects and sculptors imposed the stamp of modernism on Vienna, and it is from this viewpoint of “novelty”, too, that their small graphic art should be appreciated10.

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