The Artist and his Patrons
Unknown bookplates and bookplate designs by Josef Hoffmann for Otto and Mäda PrimavesiAlexandra Smetana u. Claudia Karolyi
I. I. Truly modern — The reception of Josef Hoffmann’s bookplates in research in der Fachliteratur

Josef Hoffmann, professor, architect, 2 bookplates, one of them a truly modern Exlibris Alma Schindler, Vienna, 1901, is what Karl Emich Graf zu Leiningen-Westerburg states briefly and precisely in his list of Deutsche und österreichische Bibliothekzeichen Exlibris(German and Austrian bookmarks exlibris),1 which was issued in 1901. he same plate is listed two years later among the new appearances by Eduard Dillmann in the first publication of the Austrian Exlibris Society: Hoffmann, Josef, Wien: Alma Schindler (by now married Mahler).2
A further plate by Hoffmann, however, escaped the notice of the Austrian exlibris authors of the first hour in their praiseworthy endeavour to turn their eye to the novelties in the field of the bookplate in Austria in order to investigate and lift the native exlibris treasures3. It was presented in Ver Sacrum in 1903, and was commented on in the Zeitschrift für Bücherzeichen – Bibliothekenkunde und Gelehrtenkunde of the Berlin Exlibris Association with the following words: “Recently the Viennese Ver Sacrum has taken heed of the exlibris drawing; in numbers 7 and 8 of the 1903 issue they show two exlibris – strongly Secessionist of course – “F.M.” by Josef Hoffmann (figures like Macintosh’s) and one by Minka Podhajska-Vienna (crowing cock at sunrise).”4

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